Little error
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Posted by chavers · 26-08-2012 - 11:27


In CCDNForum\AdminBundle\Component\Dashboard\DashboardIntegrator class, at function getResources line 49. the basepath for repair icon was '/bundles/ccdncomponentcommon/images/icons/black/32x32/32x32_repair.png' with a upcase B for Black.

see you­

Posted by reece · 30-08-2012 - 23:56

Hi Chavers. 

Thanks for pointing it out, i noticed it too a shortly after deploying though i am presently in the middle of moving home so i am unable to do much on the site atm, but i will be done in a few days, maybe 3-4 days and then hopefully will have that fixed along with some other minor issues i have discovered.

It will be fixed soon.