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Web Resources.­

­Association for Computing Machinery.­
­Wikipedia C.­
­Wikipedia ANSI C.­
­Wikipedia C99 C.­
­Wikipedia C11 (C Standard Revision).­

Though there are many dialects and revisions of C, you usually won't need to be concerned with this when using GCC or CLANG compilers. Many of modern compilers such as GCC and CLANG will support C99 and C11.

­Book Resources.­

­The C Programming Language (2nd Edition) ­[Paperback]­
­Publisher:­ Prentice Hall; 2 edition (22 Mar 1988)
­ISBN-10:­ 0131103628
­ISBN-13:­ 978-0131103627

­C Pocket Reference ­[Paperback]­
­Publisher:­ O'Reilly Media; 1 edition (27 Nov 2002)
­ISBN-10:­ 0596004362
­ISBN-13:­ 978-0596004361

­Absolute Beginner's Guide to C (Other Sams) ­[Paperback]­
­Publisher:­ Sams; 2 edition (8 April 1994)
­ISBN-10:­ 0672305100
­ISBN-13:­ 978-0672305108


­CLANG Wikipedia.­
­CLANG Official Website.­

­GNU GCC Wikipedia.­
­GNU GCC Official Website.­