Printf("hello world.")
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Posted by chavers · 21-08-2012 - 18:25

Hi CC members,

To introduce myself:
I'm a french Citrix IT, admin of to the discovery of symfony. 
My goal is to forget phpnuke/spip/dokuwiki/joomla/smf/wordpress and all over tool i use to do my website since 2001. And finally have a common base of user account for my forum and my blog. My user's forum can blog too.

Well i hope i can do it with a new CCDNForum\ForumBundle\CCDNForumForumBundle()

Regards chavers,­

Posted by reece · 22-08-2012 - 03:39

Hi Chavers and welcome.

The next release of the CCDN bundles is coming soon. Most of the work is already done and pushed to the repositories. Presently, all that is waiting on is a few remaining unit tests.

If you like, you can use the master branch from the repos, but the sandbox is not up to date yet with the latest bundles, so you will have to just follow the instructions on installation for each bundle. I recommend installing non-ccdn dependencies first to make sure everything is working alright.

The CCDN bundles are presently being developed on/for 2.0.11 and once stable, incremental small releases will be done up to 2.0.15 (which i believe is the present current stable of Symfony2 prior to its 2.1 release, which is still in beta i believe).

I am however more than happy to provide any assistance if you should run into any issues.

We have a separate board also for any CCDN bundle related questions which you can find near the bottom of the list of boards.­