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Posted by _0xE2 · 13-05-2012 - 07:16

Hi,I'm not much of a programmer but I love to help.

I know Justin and now I know Reece.
Nice to meet all!­

Posted by reece · 13-05-2012 - 07:56


Interesting choice of username i must say. Why not tell us a little bit about yourself? What you do, interests.

If your studying, then what you study etc. ­[:smile:]­

Posted by _0xE2 · 13-05-2012 - 08:02

My friend who codes C++ gave me the nickname.

I'm 17 living in America,I like Linux and Botnets.
I want to someday accomplish a truly amazing feat related to the IT field,just not sure what that is yet. I go to high school online and might start reading some coding books. I used to party a lot but now I relax at home and do schooling and play video game.­[:excited:]­