Resources for php.
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Web Resources.­

­Wikipedia PHP­
­Wikibooks PHP­
­PHP Homepage­
­PHP Official Guide­

­Book Resources.­

­Beginning PHP and MySQL: From Novice to Professional (Expert's Voice in Web Development)­
­Publisher:­ Apress; 4 edition (September 24, 2010)
­ISBN-10:­ 1430231149
­ISBN-13:­ 978-1430231141

­Learning PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript: A Step-By-Step Guide to Creating Dynamic Websites­
­Publisher:­ O'Reilly Media; 1 edition (July 21, 2009)
­ISBN-10:­ 0596157134
­ISBN-13:­ 978-0596157135

­PHP Cookbook: Solutions and Examples for PHP Programmers ­[Paperback]­
­Publisher:­ O'Reilly Media; Second Edition edition (August 1, 2006)
­ISBN-10:­ 0596101015
­ISBN-13:­ 978-0596101015

­PHP and MySQL Web Development (4th Edition)­
­Publisher:­ Addison-Wesley Professional; 4 edition (October 11, 2008)
­ISBN-10:­ 0672329166
­ISBN-13:­ 978-0672329166


­PHP Downloads­

­Preconfigured Server Setups.­

­Zend Server­
­Zend Server CE­
­Bitnami MAMP­
­Bitnami LAMP­
­Bitnami WAMP­

­IDE's & Editors.­

­PHP Eclipse.­
­Jetbrains PHPStorm­
­Zend Studio­
­PHP Edit­


­Webgrind PHP Debugger­
­DBG PHP Debugger­


­PHP Doc (php documentor­
­PHP Dox (php documentor­