Roles hierarchy configuration
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Posted by [email protected] · 30-07-2014 - 09:37

Hi, I'm trying to install this bundle with symfony 2.5.2, and I have problem with Roles. Where roles hierarchy should be taken from, and is there any possibility to configure it? If it should be taken from DB, I've probably done something wrong.­

Posted by [email protected] · 30-07-2014 - 12:30

I've changed:
$availableRoles[] = 'ROLE_USER'; 
$availableRoles[] = array('ROLE_USER'=>'ROLE_USER');
to avoid invalid parameter in PHP join function, but this probably caused problems in other places.­

Posted by nebs · 05-03-2015 - 12:26

I don't know is this forum still active but i have the same question..

I installed CCDNForumBundle with FOSUserBundle but it looks like forum completely ignores my ACL in security.yml

Does anybody knows how to configure roles and security.yml?­