Symfony 2.2 -messagebundle
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Posted by jeanping · 21-03-2013 - 09:15

Hi there, i'm using symfony 2.2 and wish to install the messagebundle with composer.

However, when installing he pops me this error:

The requested package codeconsortium/ccdn-message-bundle could not be found in any version, there may be a typ in the package name.

I looked at the requirements, and as i understood it, it's not available for my version of symfony.

Is there a way to bypass the version check ?­

Posted by reece · 21-03-2013 - 10:49

I have not made any changes for 2.2 yet, i have not looked into the requirements yet for 2.2. It is still fairly new.

As it stands the issue i think is just that composer knows from the composer.json that 2.1.x is the limitation. I do not know if there are any compatibility issues yet but you could download it manually and test it out, if it all works you can send me a PR for a new branch 2.2.x-dev and i can merge with the necessary changes in composer.json.

Let me know how things go, as it will need to be updated for 2.2 anyways but i am currently making some changes to all bundles before i release the last major version for 2.1.x so might be a while before i can get around to it (few weeks at most i hope).­

Posted by jeanping · 02-04-2013 - 09:22

Hello, thanks for the answer.

Sorry for the delay but i was working on other aspects of my project and now i'm back with the private messaging part.

How am i supposed to install it manually ?I mean , what do i have to do apart from getting the code and updating the routes ?­

Posted by reece · 03-04-2013 - 06:02

Once you have placed the bundle in the correct directory under vendors, the remainder of the install instructions should still stand.

You can find the instructions ­here­. You should find everything you need there, of course feel free to skip the composer steps if thats causing you problems on 2.2. I will be pushing updates soon with many improvements and of course i will revise composer so that it should work with 2.2.­