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Posted by zorg · 22-01-2013 - 17:33

i have a small problem, whem i login succes he redirect me to the maine page, but i fact he shud redirect me to the menber page?


Posted by reece · 23-01-2013 - 01:23

The CCDNUserUserBundle is merely a child of FOS UserBundle, and only adds some minor changes. I recommend that you also download ­CCDNUserSecurityBundle­ and set that up. It uses the login handlers to redirect you back to where you came from.

Alternatively you can do something fancy and make your own redirect stuff in your own bundle and do something similar to what was done inside of the security bundle like ­this here­. The security bundle is complimentary to the UserBundle.

It will redirect you back to where you came from before visiting the login form.­

Posted by zorg · 24-01-2013 - 07:32

first i'm sorry i deed one misteck, i make he post here but i deed install CCDNUserSecurityBundle on my configuration.
maybe it is possible to move this post in PHP or CCDNUserSecurityBundle, thank.

i deed look but it styll redirect in the home page whem log succes ? it was suppose to redirect to member!!­

Posted by reece · 26-01-2013 - 08:27

This board will be fine as it is a CCDN product/project.

Take a look at ­this page­

You will see there that you could override that and put whatever you like in the RedirectResponse. Of course this will only work if you setup the login success handles in your app/config/security.yml

Read my blog post for more information on ­redirect handlers in Symfony2­ which should explain how to make this work fairly easy by plugging the security bundles services into the success_handlers property.

Hope this helps. Read the blog post, see how you get on and if it is still not working then post some of your security.yml configuration here.­