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Posted by ZuBrain · 19-01-2013 - 08:17

... hey! .. ... I got nothin'  ... I'm a windows end user repairman that completely relies on open source & freeware, looking for somethin' else. I'm still on XP system with Ubuntu ... I get a bit of "rough" on my systems trying as much as possible. Tonights escapade ended with me remembering alot I was supposed to learn ... n-map took me to cygwin & knowing I can youTube it got me through 5 of your vids & then here. ... I got stumped on the command to download nano ... uget , vget, wget ... idk , <-lol , nm. Most likely not a part of default package & i am probably able to add or go get it, when I finally do look it up ... Checkin' in here first. Well i'll be back tomorrow most likely ...  maybe more vids first ... I'm zero day to code & am good with accents ...­

Posted by reece · 19-01-2013 - 16:21

Hey, welcome Zubrain.

Glad the videos were of some help. Feel free to post in any of the boards and maybe we can work through whatever problems your experiencing with wget or nano.­

Posted by ZuBrain · 20-01-2013 - 01:44

Oh, thanks  ... I thought that was a "w" ... 
and , ~ Aaaarrrrrgggghhhh, as soon as i get started  ... project sent to back burner again ... :\ ... I gotta find out how to clickBank, or twitter for money.  I got you bookmarked & subscribed ... I Will be back ... 
Oh, yeah, ... one thing. I can't Log In. Well, in standard ways anyway. Today I got in through password reset. (may be my cpu) (firefox 13 ~ adBlock ~ noScript)­

Posted by reece · 20-01-2013 - 02:27

Scroll down, sometimes when window is too narrow the login box gets pushed below the message to register but its still there. Its a CSS styling issue that i need to solve. But you can still login.­

Posted by ZuBrain · 20-01-2013 - 07:13

lololo ... oh ... thanks ... (doh) .... tired­