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Posted by luc · 22-03-2012 - 23:34

Hey all,

I'm Luc, a Research Engineer looking into computer security. I'm a tabletop gamer, and mainly get involved with C. C++ and Unix-like OSs.­

Posted by reece · 22-03-2012 - 23:56

Edited by reece · 12-11-2012 - 05:23
Hello all. I am Reece the main developer and founder of

I have dabbled in a few languages though mostly i work in PHP now. I have worked with in the past Java, C#, C and C++ for 2 years (first 2 for the first 2 years, second to for the 2 years after) plus working with embedded C for PIC micro controllers. 

Micro-electronics is a new curiosity for me and i am hoping to put more time aside to learning more about them in the future having studied software engineering at university.

I also work with the Symfony2 framework and on occasion a little bit of jQuery. 

As the main developer of the site, it may interest anyone reading this that they can get the source code for the site over at ­­. So if you wish to contribute please do, fork it, submit tickets, submit PR's and have fun.


Posted by Justin · 25-04-2012 - 03:41

Hey everyone, I'm Justin. I mainly program in C# but have a variety of programming languages I plan on becoming fluent in such as C++ and PHP. I also know a couple Markup languages aswell as SQL. I was introduced into programming about a couple years ago by Reece(the founder of this site) and have been enjoying it ever since.­