Wps attacks
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Posted by reece · 26-03-2012 - 01:38

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Interesting project, and just as a disclaimer of course this is for learning purposes only to better understand the technical nature of WiFi, encryption and security. This is not intended to be used for malicious purposes.

As a side note, luc is a research engineer in this field and to be within the law (and so we are not promoting illicit practices) you must have the permission of the owner of the said network and hardware in order to test this. 

Do not use what is stated her for malicious purposes. CodeConsortium can not take any responsibility for misuse of this information. Please respect other peoples privacy!

­Uk Data Protection Act 1998­
­Uk Computer Misuse Act 1990­
­The Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations 2003­

­European Commission - Justice - Data Protection­


Please lookup the regulations and laws for your own country of residence. These links provided are as a courtesy and may not apply to your own country of residence.

Also of further note, though potentially unrelated, if you engage in compiling software for this project please be aware any encryption software you compile may possibly be in violation of your country of residences law. Some countries prohibit the compilation of encryption software by its citizens.

Now thats out of the way, to move onto most interesting notes, to clarify for those interested the parabolic dish and Pringles(c) tube are for extending range and fine tuning reception, please be aware, if using a parabolic dish and metallic tube, it must be pointed in the direction of the WiFi source (router etc) in order for it to work.

For those not aware already, the Raspberry Pi is a small embedded computer, running an ARM processor. For more information on Raspberry Pi and getting yourself one, visit there website ­here­. Other alternatives to Raspberry Pi are also available such as the ­Panda Board­, ­Beagle Board­ and many others, or you can go for a custom built device using a SoC and build it yourself (though i advice you just buy one of the 3 linked above.­