Wps attacks
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Posted by luc · 16-05-2012 - 02:36

Project Update­

So I now have a Raspberry Pi (picture of mine in a case ­here­), after much waiting. Next stage is to get an SD card that actually works for it; which for those wondering I'd check out ­this link­.

Next stage is getting it working with the ALFA adapter, which shouldn't be problem. Will have a picture of it all hooked up, and hopefully on a hard float spin of Gentoo.

Right, Gentoo is now up and running on the board, so the next stage is getting the WPS cracking code up and running, getting a cheap WPS router that is susceptible to this, and then either buy several or work out a way to reset the registrar.

I think that with the Pi, a battery pack for it, the wireless adaptor that will be quite a big unit to attach to the antenna. Might have to see if other boards will work with it.­