Bsod after debugging program?
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Posted by Justin · 13-05-2012 - 06:34

Edited by reece · 12-11-2012 - 05:17
At first thought I am dumb founded because I did not realize that an application alone could be capable of something like this.­
Programs are often the culprit of most BSOD's, that said an operating system is also comprised of programs (window manager, drivers etc), even the kernel is a program.­
Well firstly I didn't say 'program' I said application. And an application is software that a user runs manually and usually maintains an interface to interact with the user. A program is any executable file. Unless you claim my CompTIA A+ Cert Guide book to be incorrect not to mention the vast majority of the internet. But thanks for the information. ­
The message within the BSOD stating that 'process has locked pages' would indicate to me at least that possibly some threads have locked memory blocks for the duration of its process while other processes are trying to access that memory block. I could be mistaken though. I believe locked blocks of memory by some of your processes are pending completion of another process, which is either depending on the value of that memory location or spawning more threads suffering the same fate­
Ahh, that actually makes alot of sense and thank you for sharing. Because what I noticed is that it would only occur after multiple debugs of the same program. And the fact that a thread is locking a memory block would make sense since the issue seemed to be my way of killing the process. That is, I never actually killed the process until later on before I published the appliation I realized that I was calling the Application.Exit method but that isnt ending the program. Environment.Exit(0) was the solution I was looking for there. So that means that when you debug an application in visual studio, then close it with code but it doesnt actually end the process and then close it with the square stop button, it isn't freeing all the resources. I'm glad you have helped me put together this puzzle here, thanks alot reece.­