Bsod after debugging program?
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Posted by Justin · 13-05-2012 - 05:31

Something very frustrating and concerning has happened after attempting to debug a particular application of mine. Randomly I get the BSOD(blue screen of death) and it says: 'PROCESS_HAS_LOCKED_PAGES' and at the bottom 'dumping physical memory to disk'. At first thought I am dumb founded because I did not realize that an application alone could be capable of something like this. The worst thing is that I have yet to find an explanation and it happens randomly. My best guess was that it had to do with my background threads I had running and some how the thread caused some leak to happen in memory. I honestly have no clue what it is, but its a major concern regarding not only the application but my computer in general. I would like to know the potential cause to avoid a recurrence of this in the future. Any help would be appreciated.­