Ccdn_user_security (mappingexception)
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Posted by reece · 27-04-2013 - 20:13

Make sure you add the resolve_target_entities to your doctrine config:

            Symfony\Component\Security\Core\User\UserInterface: FOSUser\UserBundle\Entity\User­
Or perhaps your own user bundle, i think it was app\UserBundle\Entity\User. ­
            Symfony\Component\Security\Core\User\UserInterface: App\UserBundle\Entity\User­
One thing, why App? You should have your custom user bundle in src/ or vendors/ and with a namespace for your company/project. i.e; Acme\UserBundle, not App\UserBundle, with the namespace Acme, it should be in one of 2 places: 1) app/src/Acme/UserBundle (namespace would be Acme\UserBundle() ) or 2) vendor/acme/acme-user-bundle/Acme/UserBundle (namespace still Acme\UserBundle) I really think this is not an issue with SecurityBundle, i feel this is FOSUserBundle not correctly setup.­